People gift to each other many things. Today, most of those gifts are tech devices or some interesting funny gadgets, or, if it is a girlfriend, flowers, usually roses. So, what would you think if someone present you the life?! The life inside the glass bowl. Large glass bottles, balloons, jars and vases are perfect places to raise decorative plants, and handle it to someone you love as a gift, to take care of, and think of you every time he sees those magnificent sight. You can also find a Mini Greenhouses for Sale in stores that sell furniture and home accessories.

cd4a920992886718bf5fe05b38cb2cc0Planting in glass dishes is mostly done with small plants with slow and short growth. Growth conditions in glass dishes are very good, you should take care about their number, because if there is too much plants there will be adverse conditions for growth, and one plant will suppress on another. Plants that are mostly used in this type of arrangements are ferns (nephrolepsis, selaginella, adiantum, asplenium), ivy, pilea, peperomia, fittonia etc. and when you choose in tall plants check pout purple compacts, palms, cordelina and croton.

The dish you are planning to use should be prepared at first place. Clean it well and then dry it, and make the drainage layer, which is commonly made of small pebbles or argil, or in some cases out of hydro. After that first layer, add a layer of sterile soil mixture, 10 cm thick at the minimum. Use twig or rod to make holes in the soils so you can put the seed and plant. The middle arrangement area should be intended for taller plants, and the rest should be reserved for small ones. Anyway, if you don’t want a lot of vert in your arrangement, you can fill the empty space with pebble or decorative white boulders.


Push the roots hard with the wand, and stamp the soil around the plant using wine cork, and then water the soil well. Close the dish with a cap or plug, and put it off in some lighter place in your home. If you leave the dish opened, make sure you water it orderly, because the soil becomes dry very fast, and it becomes crumbly, so you will notice that it is time for watering. All plants that are in closed dishes should be watered once a month, you will notice that there is no fog and dew on the inner side of the dish in the morning.

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Our daily obligations are based on going to work, having a lot of stress and very small amount of free time to rest, relax and in enjoying life. Although many medical workers suggest gardening as one of those ideal cure for stress and concerns, there is not many people that are capable, in terms of free time and home space to devote themselves to such a hobby, which usually demands a lot of tendance. It looks like we are so in the rush in our modern life styles, that we don’t even have the minute to make a break and to smell some flowers, natures best cure for all. Perhaps, you can make it for your beloved, and show her that you care, and you want her to be happy, and that she/ he deserves a little rest, and relax.